About the Campaign

‘End The Violence, Rhode Island’ is a public safety campaign created by the Rhode Island Brotherhood of Correctional Officers (RIBCO) that will shed light on the state’s lenient and unaccountable Parole Board and also the state’s so-called “Good Time” law, both of which have let violent criminals back on the streets far in advance of their release dates if they behave in prison.

We will notify the public of how their safety is being put at risk–and highlight some especially egregious examples like Freddie Bishop, Andrew Jett, Matthew Komrowski and Jason Pleau, all of whom were released early–and all of whom murdered people not long after they were released.

In the last few years, we have seen some of our most violent criminals released early because of these dangerous policies–policies that were senselessly implemented to save the state money. The latest example of this carelessness is Alfred Brissette, also known as ‘The Thrill Killer,’ who the Parole Board recently granted early release. Brissette kidnapped a random woman, beat her over the head with a lug wrench, tried to sever her spine with a shovel, and then dug a hole to bury her in. And he did it for fun. Brissette was going to be released by the Parole Board after serving only thirteen years on a 35 year sentence because they were ‘impressed with inmate’s program participation and his documented plan for change.’ Now–only because of a public outcry–they decided to revisit this issue and hold a new hearing.

We know that just because you behave in prison does not mean you are fit to be back in our communities, living amongst our families and our children. That’s why–when we feel public safety is being put at risk–we are going to hold the powers that be accountable in the public eye.

The campaign is ongoing and will continue to inform the public when dangerous criminals are indefensibly let out early because of these policies.